Personal Injury Lawyer Coral Gables, FL

Personal Injury Lawyer Coral Gables, FL - Decorative Scales of Justice in the CourtroomAs a Coral Gables, FL personal injury lawyer knows, insurance companies can make even the simplest of claims difficult and stressful. The accident you were in might even be very obvious to you. Perhaps you slipped and fell at a grocery store when someone spilled liquid on the floor or the car behind you hit you when you were stopped at a red light. Even in cases where it seems incredibly obvious that you are not at fault, insurance companies have a way of trying to get you to take a low settlement offer that will not end up covering the damages you have suffered. When insurance agents are calling you nonstop and you don’t know what to do, reach out to Perez Mayoral, P.A. to see how we can help you. 

What is the easiest way to deal with the other party’s insurance company? 

Truthfully, the easiest way you can handle talking to them is by not talking to them. The best thing you can do is tell them that you will only speak to them with or through your attorney. It can feel incredibly easy to talk with insurance agents. They may call you after the accident and sound concerned, asking you how you’re feeling, sympathizing with you, and offering you well wishes. They will ask you to speak with them while they record the call and, after all, if the accident was not your fault then you have nothing to hide, right? 

However, the smallest misstep will be used to bring your settlement offer down. Did something catch your attention before you slipped and fell in the store? Were you wearing high heels? A Coral Gables personal injury lawyer knows that the smallest, most innocent detail can be used against you. Surely, if you explain your side of the story to the insurance agent they will be on your side. Insurance agents are all too happy when they are on the phone with someone who over-talks or is ready to fill an awkward silence. This is why it is best to avoid speaking with them unless your lawyer is there. 

What should I say when the insurance company calls me?

When your lawyer is not present and the insurance company keeps hounding you, there are a few things you can be prepared to say. 

  1. You have the right to get their name and contact information. 
  2. You do not need to share more information about yourself than your name, address, and contact information. You do not owe them details about the case or about where you work. 
  3. You do not need to share information on your treatment or how your injuries are progressing.
  4. You can give them strict facts, such as when the accident happened and where it occurred. Do not go into detail and do not make speculations regarding how it happened. 

After you were in an accident of some kind, it is crucial that you begin working with a lawyer quickly. To see how a team member from Perez Mayoral, P.A. can help you, give our Coral Gables personal injury lawyer a call now.