HOA, Condominium, Business, and Insurance Litigation Attorneys

Perez Mayoral, P.A. is a law firm established by two experienced South Florida attorneys who have built their careers on achieving outstanding results for their clients. Mr. Perez and Mr. Mayoral spent several years working for some of Florida’s largest and most successful law firms, where they represented large corporate clients and insurance companies. As a result, they have litigated high-profile cases involving multi-million dollar disputes in state and federal courts. Today, they bring their expertise in representing homeowners in HOA and Condominium Litigation, as well as offering their services in Business and Insurance Litigation to the people and businesses of Florida, providing “big firm” results with superior customer service.

Florida experiences a shortage of law firms that represent homeowners against their associations. While numerous “HOA Attorneys” can be found online, most exclusively represent HOAs. Only a handful of law firms that represent homeowners in disputes with their associations possess the necessary knowledge, skill, and litigation experience to effectively enforce their clients’ rights and achieve results. Perez Mayoral, P.A. are your HOA attorneys. We are one of the few firms with skilled civil litigators and trial attorneys prepared to handle various potential claims. At Perez Mayoral, we help homeowners enforce their rights against their associations by providing top-notch legal representation for all the aforementioned matters. Our dedication to representing homeowners against their associations sets us apart from Florida’s other law firms.

Our firm benefits from a robust network of attorneys and professionals, fostering mutual business relationships that enable us to utilize a wealth of resources in order to secure the best results for our clients. As advocates for homeowners in HOA and Condominium Litigation, we are committed to standing up against associations and protecting our clients’ rights. In Business and Insurance Litigation, we represent both individuals and businesses throughout Florida, ensuring their interests are well-represented.

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