Business Collections Lawyer Miami, FL

Recovering unpaid expenses from clients is an unpleasant but vital part of a company’s operation. Let customer debts grow too much, and you may not have enough working capital to fulfill new orders. Worse yet, you could go out of business. Many business owners, especially small business owners who are trying to grow a customer base, may not want to alienate customers by being aggressive with debt collections. 

In many cases, intervention from our Miami, FL, business collections lawyer can result in a better outcome than the business owner can achieve on their own. The team at Perez Mayoral, P.A. has a reputation for professionalism and dignity in the business collections process. We help you preserve your client relationships and seek alternative resolution for outstanding debt.

Comprehensive Business Collections Services

Our attorneys work with businesses of all sizes, from single owner-operators to larger enterprises with multiple locations. Our clients include:

  • Commercial loans and commercial lending companies
  • Bank debt and other obligations
  • Other financial institutions
  • Commercial creditors
  • Equipment leasing contractors
  • Insurance agencies
  • Contractors and tradesmen
  • Commercial property owners
  • Landlords

We provide bespoke commercial debt collections services, evaluating each account to determine the range of your exposure. We strive to resolve each case by providing our clients with plenty of information and suggestions for steps to take to recover the money owed and possibly preserve the business relationship.

Some of the remedies we may employ in your situation may include wage garnishments or repossession, bank garnishments, security interests or liens, or post-judgment remedies.

business collections lawyer Miami, FL

How Can A Business Collections Lawyer Help Me?

A business owner may wish to have our professional Miami business collections lawyer handle recouping outstanding debts for many reasons. Firstly, having the third party negotiate debt repayment provides a layer between you and your customer – a “good cop, bad cop” scenario.

We also know that time is money. You may have plenty of other obligations for your business and not have the time to chase down debts. If you’re expanding, you may have multiple outstanding debts. You could be spending more time chasing down “old money” to make new money and solicit new customers!

A skilled business collections attorney can send a demand letter to the party or parties that owe outstanding debts. We contact them, explain the nature of the debt, and propose a timeline for repayment. If our initial attempts at bringing debtor accounts current are unsuccessful, then we escalate legal activity. This could include filing a lien or even bringing the case to court. A judge may approve additional lien findings, garnishment, repossession, or other legal remedies.

Let Us Help Protect Your Business Interests

We can explain our debt collection processes and how we can help preserve your business reputation and bottom line. Contact Perez Mayoral, P.A. today to learn more about the many ways that our Miami business collections lawyer can help bring your accounts current and advance your business interests.

How Can a Business Collections Lawyer Help Me?