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As any business owner can tell you, there are many complexities involved in managing a business and keeping it thriving. One thing that can interfere with smooth sailing is a business dispute. While some disputes are easily resolved, many worsen and require the help of an experienced business disputes attorney. 

At Perez Mayoral, P.A., our skilled business litigation attorneys successfully handle business disputes for clients throughout South Florida. Our trial lawyers have a proven record of successful outcomes not only at trial but also through sharp out-of-court negotiations. 

Contact us and you will find that we provide strong legal representation through arbitration and mediation as well as at trial. While it is preferable to reach a negotiated settlement that avoids the costs and delays of litigation, the fact that we are always well-prepared for trial gives us an edge at the bargaining table.

Superior Legal Representation Gives You the Upper Hand in Miami Business Disputes

Beyond being time-consuming and unpleasant, business disputes interrupt the efficient operation of your company and may endanger not only your profit margin but the very existence of your enterprise. This is why it is critical to have an excellent business dispute lawyer at your side to meet the challenges presented by: 

Customer disputes 

If your company provides goods and services to customers, you are always at risk of being confronted by claims of personal injury resulting from defective or dangerous products. Some of these may lead to class-action lawsuits. Also, if your business is visited by customers, clients, delivery people, vendors, or others, it is vulnerable to claims of premises liability involving slip and falls or other types of personal injuries. In either case, our business dispute attorneys will fight aggressively to protect your interests.

Employment disputes 

All Florida workplaces must adhere to federal and state laws designed to protect employees from unfair treatment. Business disputes that arise among your staff may include claims of discrimination or harassment, wage and hour violations, retaliation, and wrongful termination. Our Coral Gables, Miami-Dade County, Miami Beach, and Miami business dispute lawyers are well-versed in federal and Florida laws concerning these matters and are ready to prosecute or defend employment disputes of all kinds. 

Breach of contract

Breach of contract claims arise when one party fails to meet its contractual obligations. Such disputes can be complicated, often depending on an interpretation of legal language or an analysis of legal intent. This makes it essential to have a clear-headed business dispute attorney fighting for you. Our South Florida and Miami business dispute lawyers have an exceptional eye for detail and a talent for clarifying contracts and resolving business disputes.

Business fraud 

Fraud occurs when one party intentionally deceives the other with false statements or through the omission of salient information during a business transaction. Whether you are the victim of fraudulent misconduct or accused of being its perpetrator, Perez Mayoral has the experience and forceful strategies to prosecute the offending party or defend you from allegations of fraud in state or federal court.

Partnership business disputes

Very few partnerships escape all disputes. Most disputes involve [1] which partner has more control [2] the goal or direction of the business moving forward or [3] financial or cash flow issues or matters of ownership. Our business dispute attorneys have the legal tactics and diplomatic skills to resolve partnership disputes through negotiation, or if need be, through litigation. 

Shareholder business disputes 

Shareholder disputes can be intrusive and difficult to resolve, especially because of the number of individuals involved. These disputes may involve accusations of misappropriation of company funds, fiduciary breaches, or other misconduct. On the other hand, they may concern differing business strategies and varying opinions about what is best for the company. In any case, you require the services of a capable business dispute attorney to straighten things out.

Director and officer liability 

Our business dispute attorneys regularly provide a defense to directors and officers who are facing charges of corporate misconduct. If you have been accused of breach of fiduciary duty, waste of corporate assets, or usurpation of corporate opportunities, we will advise you concerning your rights and work hard to protect your interests.

Tortious interference 

When one person intentionally causes economic harm to another by damaging the latter’s business relationships with a third party, the offense is known as tortious interference. Though tortious interference usually occurs in multi-party contracts, it can arise in other contests. Whenever it does, you will need one of our well-informed business dispute attorneys to resolve the situation in a way favorable to your company.

An Ounce of Prevention

At Perez Mayoral, knowing that business disputes can drain your energy and your profits, we are positioned to resolve them as quickly and easily as possible, preferably without litigation. Nonetheless, we are always prepared to litigate if necessary. We will also share with you our accumulated wisdom concerning the best ways to lessen the risk of business disputes by:

  • Establishing well-crafted company policies and protocols 
  • Negotiating and preparing operating agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, and employment agreements that are clear and unambiguous
  • Crafting employee handbooks clarifying the rights and obligations of employees and employers and establishing remedies if regulations are violated
  • Obtaining releases and waivers of liability from clients, customers, and vendors to protect your company from unnecessary claims.

These steps will be helpful in protecting your company from business disputes, but no system is infallible. If you become entangled in a business dispute in spite of precautions, our business dispute attorneys are always ready to help.

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