Shareholder Dispute Lawyer Miami FL

Shareholder Dispute Lawyer, Miami, FL - Focus on the things on the table. Blurred man near panoramic windows on background.A Miami, FL shareholder dispute lawyer from Perez Mayoral, P.A. knows that forming a business partnership or having people buy into a portion of your company can offer so many benefits. By having business relationships, this usually brings a wide range of skills and more financial resources to the project. However, when partnerships develop, this also means that there is a risk of disagreements happening at some point or another. And as a result of a disagreement, there may be a need for a lawyer to help assist with a resolution. Here are just a few tips to consider if you find yourself in a shareholder dispute. 

Compare Your Goals 

Many business disputes happen between partners or shareholders because they each have a different set of value systems or have long held visions for a business. As a Miami shareholder dispute lawyer may offer, you can help prevent a dispute by comparing views with your shareholders and then working together to create a value statement that eventually goes into writing. Your current or prospective partners should consider several topics, such as the growth strategy that they want to employ, the style of leadership they want to utilize, and the type of work environments they want to have. 

Talk About Issues Early On

Of course, most people enter business partnerships or shareholding with the best of intentions and rarely are they actually purposefully causing problems. As uncomfortable as it can be to talk about what issues could arise before they have even developed, you can all get a better idea of where you each stand and what your individual approaches to dispute resolution would be. Furthermore, people who discover later on that their values and goals are vastly different from the business perspective, may find that they are too committed to venture back out, or may end their partnership which causes further tension and possibly profit loss too. 

Assess Worst Outcome

To ward off future disputes and litigation among partners, partners are encouraged to consider what the worst-case scenarios might be, including resulting potential financial losses. If the partners can at least agree on a plan of how they’re going to address any issues if they were to arise, then issues can be quickly addressed without the dispute being prolonged. By having a guideline on how you will handle this situation, it’ll be easier to achieve a solution all shareholders or partners accept. 

At our law firm, we know that business relationships are important. A dispute or other issue can seriously affect business operations and cause stress among all partners or shareholders involved. Sometimes it takes recruiting help from a lawyer so that they can aid in a solution being found. A lawyer can also watch out for your business and offer advice on how to reduce the chances of a dispute happening in the first place. If you have more questions about business law, partnerships, or shareholder disagreements, contact a Miami shareholder dispute lawyer from Perez Mayoral, P.A. today.