At Perez Mayoral, P.A., our dedication to excellence in the legal field sets us apart. Founded by experienced attorneys who initially served large corporations and insurance firms, we focus on representing the individuals and businesses that truly form the backbone of our community, particularly in challenging disputes with HOAs and insurance companies. Our approach combines top-tier legal expertise with a deep commitment to advocating for those often underrepresented, working to provide them with the justice they deserve.

Our practice spans a variety of critical areas including HOA and condominium litigation, business and insurance litigation, and real estate litigation. We have a robust understanding of the law and a passionate team ready to fight for our clients. Our firm remains dedicated to delivering outcomes that not only resolve legal conflicts but also restore peace of mind to our clients.

In recognition of our commitment to community advocacy and the impact of legal expertise in promoting justice, we are proud to introduce the Perez Mayoral Trailblazer Scholarship. This scholarship is designed to support Florida students who embody our spirit of trailblazing, those who are eager to make a significant difference through community advocacy.

Eligibility Criteria

This scholarship is exclusively open to students in an accredited program within Florida, including undergraduate, graduate, or professional programs. This also includes accredited community college students as well as high school seniors and students who possess a GED who have been accepted to or are enrolled in an accredited Florida program.

The scholarship applicant must demonstrate a commitment to community advocacy. Applicants should describe in their essay their past achievements in community advocacy, their current educational pursuits, and how they aim to contribute to community advocacy in their future careers.

All eligible candidates must be in good academic standing with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 or above.

Essay Questions

Answer ONE of the following questions in an essay of 1,000 words or less:

  1. What experiences have inspired you to pursue a career or activity in community advocacy?
  2. How do you plan to use your education to advocate for community rights?
  3. Describe your ultimate career or advocacy goals and how you envision making an impact in your community.

Application Materials

  • Updated resume
  • Essay, 1,000-word maximum. See essay questions above.
  • Current unofficial transcript

Submission Deadline: April 31, 2025

Award Announcement: May 2025

Scholarship Amount: $1,000

All application materials must be submitted by the above date to

If you have any questions, please do not call the office, but submit them to the above email.