Tractor Trailer Accidents

Collision Involving A Tractor-Trailer

Truck Accident Lawyer

According to a tractor trailer accident lawyer, those who have experienced a collision involving a tractor-trailer understand how dangerous a large and heavy vehicle like that can be, and potentially fatal to drivers and passengers alike. Driving a vehicle is like operating a loaded weapon. One must always stay alert, as the smallest distraction could end in collision, injury, or death.

Types of distractions while driving include, eating, talking, listening to music, getting directions, and applying makeup. More than any other form of distraction, cell phones are the most dangerous and common type of distraction for the driver. Not only can the driver text, call, and video chat, but with a smartphone, they can also check their email, browse the internet, or update their social media while driving. Needless to say, these distractions can greatly inhibit the driver’s focus and ability to make important decisions while on the road. Due to the danger of cell phone usage while driving, many states have banned them, making it illegal for drivers to hold or use their phones while in the driver’s seat. Although some may find this extreme, it may be responsible for saving the lives of many innocent drivers and passengers on the road. The next time you are tempted to use your phone while driving, think of yourself, the passengers in your car, and those on the road, and ask yourself if it is worth the distraction, and potential danger.

Operating any vehicle is hard work, and requires years of training and practice. Driving a tractor-trailer is no exception, and often proves more difficult to navigate than a typical car. Due to its length, and wide turns, drivers should not attempt to operate tractor-trailers unless they have the proper training, and practice needed. If the driver of a tractor-trailer does not know how to properly drive the heavy machine, or another car is distracted and does not react to the moving tractor-trailer, a collision can take place. An accident involving a tractor-trailer may cause greater injury than an accident involving two small cars. Those who have been injured in a tractor-trailer-related incident should contact 9-1-1 as soon as possible. Medical intervention is vital for all parties involved, including those that seem physically unharmed. Internal bleeding and concussion may be present, and a medical professional should address those concerns.

Accidents are scary for all involved, and knowing what should happen next legally can be difficult. Thankfully, tractor-trailer accident lawyers can tell you. Experienced attorneys desire their clients to focus on what is truly important after an accident, their health, and treatment. Tractor-trailer accident lawyers will tirelessly fight for their clients, and support them at every step of the legal process. If you desire to pursue justice, accountability, and compensation regarding a tractor-trailer accident, contact an experienced lawyer today!