Miami-Dade County Homeowners Insurance Lawyer

At Perez Mayoral, P.A., we are well-versed not only in federal and Florida state law but skilled in dealing with homeowners insurance claims. Many people feel certain that they have more than enough homeowners insurance to protect them from the high costs of home repair or rebuilding after a catastrophe only to find themselves short-changed when it comes to collecting compensation. The truth is that most often excellent legal advocacy is necessary to help you recoup your losses. 

Insurance companies only make profits if their payouts are considerably less than the premiums they collect so they are tightfisted when it comes to covering your claims. Our experienced homeowners insurance attorneys have the skills and strategies necessary to negotiate with insurance adjusters to make sure you obtain sufficient funds to reclaim your property and return to your normal lifestyle.

Types of Homeowners Insurance Claims Our Attorneys Handle

While most people think of household damage that results from hurricanes or other storms, at Perez Mayoral we are well aware of the broad range of events that cause damage to our clients’ homes and the enormous costs that result from these events, including:

  • Plumbing and sprinkler system failures
  • Electrical problems
  • Fires due to lightning, defective wiring, faulty equipment, arson
  • Natural disasters (e.g. floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, tropical storms)
  • Fraud, valuation disputes, property subrogation, diminution in value
  • Business interruption for repairs and replenishing inventory
  • Evacuation of homes that necessitates families living elsewhere during repairs
  • Structural collapse (if unrelated to neglect or mistreatment)
  • Theft and Vandalism

It should be noted that plumbing or electrical problems deemed to be the result of owner neglect or improper do-it-yourself repairs will not be covered. 

Our homeowners insurance law team routinely works with expert appraisers in South Florida who know precisely how to get favorable results through the appraisal process itself, through a grievance process, or through arbitration.

Why It’s Important to Contact Perez Mayoral as Soon as Possible

We have found that in making homeowners insurance claims, as in so many other legal matters, being proactive really pays off. Having an accurate appraisal of damage early on gives us a sizable advantage when it comes to interacting with insurance adjusters during litigation involving coverage disputes.

​Our homeowners insurance law team has comprehensive knowledge relating to the process, including:

  • Which issues are likely to be litigated
  • Which laws and cases should be cited to persuade the court of our position
  • How examinations under oath are best handled
  • What evidence should be provided to the court
  • How damage should be assessed
  • How best to obtain witness statements
  • How to perform a detailed analysis of your losses

Though some homeowners insurance claims are settled without an attorney, it is in your best interests to engage the services of an attorney even before you attempt to make a claim. This is especially true in cases of high-end or complex claims, claims  involving extensive damage, and claims in which fault is difficult to establish. The sooner you get in touch with our attorneys the better. Our legal counsel may keep you from making a costly mistake in your initial reportage to your insurance company.

No matter what your particular situation is, whether you are trying to obtain an insurance payment you are entitled to or fight off an undeserved accusation of premises liability, Perez Mayoral is here to support you. 

Why Our Homeowners Insurance Attorneys Are Invaluable

If you are thinking of going it alone in dealing with your insurance company, think again. In almost all cases, having a sharp attorney at the helm will give you leverage from the beginning because insurance companies are aware that they can get away with unreasonably small payouts or even claim denials if there is no attorney in charge. 

According to Forbes, your chances of settling your homeowners claim for an appropriate amount increase substantially if your attorney is doing the negotiating. It is also important to realize how essential it is to get legal representation if you have been denied coverage. If your insurance company disputes your claim, special skills are required to file an appeal, skills only possessed by an experienced attorney. Our homeowners insurance attorneys know when it is possible to get an insurance company’s denial of a claim reversed, and how to accomplish this seemingly unlikely task.

What Your Homeowners Insurance Policy May Cover 

As you are probably aware, not all homeowners insurance policies provide the same coverage. 

Obviously, it is in the interests of your provider to restrict what they cover. Although most homeowners policy will cover:

  • Theft and vandalism
  • Fire, unless due to arson by the owner
  • Storm damage to structure of the house, garage, sheds, fences
  • Water damage, e.g. from a burst pipe (flood damage involves a separate policy)
  • Tree removal if the tree has done structural damage to the home/outer structures
  • Dog bites unless the dog’s breed is known to be highly aggressive or the dog has caused serious injury previously

It pays to remember, however, that insurance companies are in the business of looking for loopholes wherever possible. Not only will they not pay for earthquake damage, but they also will not pay for destruction by termites, or any damage they can prove was caused by the absence of proper maintenance or repair. They will not, for example, pay for damage to the home caused by a fallen tree that was known to be rotted but not removed.

Without an experienced homeowner insurance attorney at your side, it is unlikely that you will be able to engage in a fair fight for your right to compensation, even if you have been paying homeowner insurance premiums for many years without making any previous claims. 

Contact the Miami-Dade County Homeowners Insurance Attorney’s of Perez Mayoral for the Best Chance of a Successful Outcome

Negotiating with your homeowners insurance company requires in-depth knowledge of the law and of the presumptions under which insurance companies operate. Having a strong homeowners insurance attorney who understands the ins and outs of policy decisions gives you a much greater chance of persuading insurance adjusters that they will end up saving their company money if they prevent your case from being litigated. Get a free consultation today!