Miami Storm Damage Lawyer

If you have lived in South Florida for any length of time, you have probably discovered that the Sunshine State is also a state prone to storms. At Perez Mayoral, P.A., our attorneys have extensive experience helping clients receive the settlements they deserve when faced with storm damage. Unfortunately, several types of storms periodically impact South Florida, and even thunderstorms can occasionally do great harm to homes, businesses, possessions, and property. 

How Perez Mayoral, P.A. Can Help You Cope with Storm Damage

While sometimes insurance claims for storm damage are settled easily, in a great many cases, especially when claims are large, negotiations can be drawn-out and difficult. This is when the services our law team provides are invaluable. 

We have found that as soon as a sharp attorney intervenes, your insurance company is much more likely to negotiate a reasonable settlement. If your claim has already been denied, it is crucial that you have our help in appealing the denial since insurance companies are notorious for digging their heels in when it comes to overturning denials.

We are well-informed about insurance practices as well as about state and federal law, so we are able to fight vigorously to defend your right to benefits. After all, chances are you have been paying insurance premiums for a long time for this coverage. Now that you really need it, we will take the necessary steps to see that you receive it. 

We will: 

  • Investigate your home or business, recording with words and photos all the damage and loss that has occurred
  • Check your insurance policies carefully to verify your coverage
  • Have all of your damaged or lost possessions carefully appraised
  • Have all of the needed repairs, replacements, and construction costs estimated so that we can determine a realistic amount for your total claim
  • Handle all negotiations with insurance adjusters and opposing attorneys 
  • Prepare for strategic litigation if your insurance company becomes stubborn

We also have a network of reliable contractors and suppliers whom you can trust to help you restabilize your home or business so your life can return to normal.

Types of Storms that Occur in South Florida

The storms that impact South Florida include: thunderstorms, hail storms, tropical storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes. In some cases, they may all be part of the same storm system winding its way from the Caribbean or the Gulf of Mexico, often having originated near the Cape Verde Islands of Africa. 

Although thunderstorms, sometimes including harsh winds and hail, are frequent and rarely cause major damage, their lightning may result in fires. Often, thunderstorms are spin-offs of tropical storms and hurricanes, and also frequently accompany tornadoes. While tropical storms and hurricanes of varying categories (ranging from 1 to 5) are graded in severity by wind speeds, tornadoes (also categorized by wind speed) are much smaller and last a much shorter time. Even so, they have enormous strength and can utterly devastate homes and businesses in their paths.

Any of these storms can wreak havoc. Once your property has been severely damaged, the name of the storm is of little consequence. No matter what type of storm damage you are dealing with, our skilled storm damage attorneys will work hard to obtain the full amount you need. 

Common Types of Storm Damage in Florida

The amount of damage your property sustains will depend on the direction, speed, and severity of the storm, as well as the location and style of the structure. If your property is in a low-lying area, you will probably be required to have flood, as well as homeowners or commercial property insurance.

In spite of the warnings that precede large storms, and the precautions you may have taken, such a boarding up windows, pruning trees, and removing outdoor furniture, it is still possible to suffer serious storm damage, such as:

  • Broken windows and doors
  • Destruction of roof, walls, foundation, adjacent structures (e.g. pool, shed, garage, etc.)
  • Damage from wind-blown tree limbs, traffic signs, or even cars
  • Loss of furniture, equipment, appliances
  • Fire damage caused by downed wires or lightning
  • Water damage due to severe rain or storm surge
  • Damage or destruction of vehicles, including boats

If Your Storm Damage Claim Is Denied, We Will Fight for You

Considering that the purpose of having insurance is to cover unexpected events like storm damage, it is remarkable how far providers will go to decrease settlement amounts or deny claims. Your insurance company may, for example:

  • Claim that your home or business had pre-existing damage 
  • Classify the damage as less serious than it actually is (e.g. offering to pay for repair when rebuilding or replacement is essential)
  • Delaying payment with the expectation that this tactic will make you capitulate

Our job as your storm damage attorneys is to amass irrefutable documentation to persuade your insurance company to hold up its end of the bargain. Though we prefer to achieve this without going to court, we are always prepared to litigate aggressively if it becomes necessary.

Contact Our Experienced South Florida Storm Damage Attorneys Today!

Though you may be young and hearty enough to do much of the storm damage clean-up yourself (or have children, grandchildren, or friends willing to assist), filing and negotiating a substantial insurance claim for storm damage is not a do-it-yourself job. Our law team knows the ins and outs of this task and will prevent you from being taken advantage of. You are already overwhelmed. Be smart and put your insurance fight in the hands of professionals. Get a free consultation today!