When An Insurance Claim Lawyer Is Necessary

An insurance claim lawyer can be your best ally when dealing with a complicated or fraudulent insurance claim. They can make the entire experience much smoother and help you get the compensation you deserve. Your insurance company will likely try its best to limit how much they have to pay. If you live in the Coral Gables, Florida area and need an experienced insurance claim lawyer, Perez Mayoral P.A. is here to help. We have been providing legal services for residents of South Florida for over 25 years and specialize in handling complex cases involving insurance claims. Let’s take a look at what kinds of cases necessitate the services of an insurance claim lawyer.

When You Have a Complex Claim

If your insurance claim is for a large amount of money or is in any way complex—for example, if there were multiple parties involved in causing the damage—then you need to have legal representation from an experienced attorney who has dealt with similar cases like yours before. This is especially true if you are considering filing a lawsuit against your insurer due to their refusal or delays in paying out on your claim. An insurance claim lawyer will also be able to advise you on whether it makes sense financially and legally to file such a suit against them or not.

When You Feel Your Insurance Company is Unfairly treating you

Suppose you feel that your insurance company is unfairly denying or delaying the payment of your rightful claims. In that case, it may be time for you to seek legal representation from an experienced attorney who can help protect your rights as an insured individual under the law. An insurance claim lawyer will be able to review all relevant documents and evidence related to your case and determine whether or not there is sufficient ground for taking legal action against the insurer responsible for making payments on the policyholder’s behalf.  

When Your Claim Has Been Denied Multiple Times

It’s common for insurers to deny claims multiple times until they reach the desired outcome of paying out as little money as possible on their policyholders’ claims. If this has happened with your case, it may be time for you to contact an experienced attorney who can help you fight against these unfair practices and get what is rightfully yours according to Florida state law. Our team at Perez Mayoral P.A. understands how difficult it can be to deal with stubborn insurers during these situations, so we do our best to ensure that we provide maximum support throughout every step of the claims process so that our clients don’t have anything additional worries added onto what they’re already facing due their circumstances at hand.  

At Perez Mayoral P.A., we understand how frustrating filing an insurance claim can be when faced with a stubborn insurer who’s trying their best not to pay out on any valid claims. That’s why we believe strongly in standing up for those rights by providing experienced legal counsel throughout every step of the process involved with filing one’s claim(s). Contact us today if you need an insurance claim lawyer- contact us today if you need assistance filing an insurance-related dispute or claim! We look forward to hearing from you.