Breach Of Contract Lawyer Miami, FL

Breach Of Contract Lawyer Miami, FL - business man, legal consultants, notary or justice lawyer discussing contract document with customer client on desk in courtroom office, business, justice law, insurance and legal service conceptIf you are concerned that you may be part of a breach in contract, then we suggest contacting a Miami, FL breach of contract lawyer from Perez Mayoral, P.A. for assistance. We know that even the most savvy and thoughtful business owners may find themselves in a contract issue at some point. Despite the best of intentions, one or more parties in an agreement may have failed to fulfill partial or the entity of their duties. Anytime that a breach in contract happens, another party has the right to file a lawsuit if there is sufficient proof to show the breach, in addition to the amount of loss that was caused. 

A breach in contract can be minor, or vast and even constitute as a crime (like embezzlement or fraud). If the terms within the contract are not met, whether modest or substantial, the failing party may have to compensate for the other party’s damages. As a Miami breach of contract lawyer can explain, a breach in contract could be related to:

  • Performing a type of job
  • Delivering services as scheduled
  • Delivering goods as promised
  • Completing the entirety of a job
  • Inability to fulfill job within expected timeframe
  • Defective or misrepresented goods or services

If terms are breached and damages are directly tied to that breach, the other party does have grounds to sue. When entering a business contract or partnership with others, it is essential to have clarity about the terms and expectations within a contract before it is signed. There are instances where a breach in contract can be amended without the need for legal action. The parties may be able to resolve the problem and come to their own agreed upon solutions. But if a breach can be proven, the party who breached the contract may be subject to legal action and the consequences enforced by law accordingly. 

Preventing a breach in contract may not be completely avoidable, but the chances can be greatly reduced by taking certain preventative measures. Some things you can do now to limit the risk include hiring a reputable lawyer as you launch your business, drafting appropriate agreements, reviewing contracts on a regular basis, monitoring contract performance, having defined metrics to ensure compliance, and making plans to oversee contracts while watching out for warning signs of breach. 

Having written contracts can help protect you, your business, and show respect for the other parties involved in the agreement. Verbal contracts may be honored by law, however, they are more challenging to prove, so you would be doing yourself a disservice by not having an official document for your transactions. Despite most people entering into contracts with only the best of intentions, breaches can still happen. Doing what you can now to reduce the likelihood of a contract breach is going to be beneficial for your company and its success.

Consider speaking with a Miami breach of contract lawyer from Perez Mayoral, P.A. if you have more questions about contracts or need assistance with handling a breach.