Understanding Florida Personal Injury Laws

A Comprehensive Guide for Victims

When suffering from a personal injury in Coral Gables, FL, navigating the legal system without a personal injury lawyer can be overwhelming and confusing. Knowing the proper steps to take to protect your rights is essential. As a result, it’s important to understand Florida’s personal injury laws before taking action. 

Here at Perez Mayoral, P.A., we are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal counsel throughout Coral Gables and the surrounding area. With our expertise and understanding of Florida personal injury laws, we are here to help you receive the justice you deserve. To ensure that you stay informed and educated regarding your legal rights, this guide will provide an overview of all the important information related to personal injury claims in Florida. 

What is Considered a Personal Injury in Florida? 

Personal injuries refer to physical or psychological harm caused by another person or entity’s negligence or intentional misconduct. This includes medical malpractice, car accidents, slips and falls, dog bites, and wrongful death cases. For an incident to be considered a valid personal injury claim in Florida, there must be clear evidence that the victim suffered damages due to another party’s negligent actions or inaction. 

Statute of Limitations for Filing a Personal Injury Claim in Florida 

In most states across America, including Florida, there is a statute of limitations governing how long after an incident victims have the order to file a claim against those responsible for their injuries. For these claims to be valid under state law, they must be filed within three years from the accident or incident that caused them harm. Victims must act promptly when filing their cases, as delays can lead to their claims being dismissed entirely or weakened due to a lack of evidence or witnesses. 

Understanding Comparative Negligence Laws in Florida 

Florida follows comparative negligence laws when assigning responsibility for an accident or incident leading up to personal injuries suffered by victims. This means that if both parties share some level of fault for causing the victim’s injuries, they will each face liability accordingly based on their percentage of fault assigned by courts during litigation proceedings (plaintiff=victim/defendant=person held responsible). For example, if one party is found 50% liable while another is found 40% liable, they would bear some responsibility depending on what was determined during trial proceedings (in this scenario, 50% – 40%). Victims must understand these laws to ensure they follow all applicable procedures during litigation proceedings to receive maximum compensation under state law after being injured due to another person’s negligence or misconduct.  

Damages You Can Claim After Being Injured Through No Fault Of Your Own 

 In addition to understanding comparative negligence laws, it’s also paramount that victims completely understand potential damages accessible through litigation proceedings following incidents causing them harm through no fault of their own. These damages include both economic & non-economic losses such as medical bills, physical therapy costs, loss of income resulting from missed work days, extended hospital stays, etc. Additionally, non-economic losses include pain & suffering, emotional distress, decreased quality of life, etc. Depending upon the severity of injuries suffered, each case court may assign additional damages, which can range anywhere between a few hundred thousand dollars and million dollars more depending upon circumstances surrounding the case situation. 

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